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  1. Bout that time

    ATV New Members
    Hey everyone! Been lurking around the shadows for almost a year and figured its time to introduce myself. I am from northern ohio and purchased my first polaris last year. I have learned alot about my quad from this forum and hopefully i can help others with what i have learned from owning my...
  2. 2011 Sportsman 850 Touring Rattle in Seat

    Polaris Sportsman
    I bought a new touring it only had about 12hrs on it now and I have a rattle in the touring seat, it rocks from side to side. I looked at the front pivot point and doesn’t look to be made for bushing. It has a bolt going thru a piece of pipe and that’s all that there is. Has anyone else had...
  3. purchased new bike

    Polaris XP
    Just picked up new 2010 850 touring with eps on Friday afternoon, with polaris 3500 winch (synthetic/remote), and windshield. Got out for a short ride that night, with my buddy on his 08 800 touring. Must say that I am pleased with my purchase so far. My wife likes the colour-red, and she...
  4. What to buy-Popo 850 Tour vs 800 max xt

    ATV New Members
    Hi-new to the site, but not atvs. Been a guest on the site for a while, as well as the Can am site. Due to memnber comments I'm leaning heavily this way-ie plan to order new bike this week. Had two Yamaha's, currently looking at an 850 touring, Is it worth buying the 2011 LE, or getting a...