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  1. XP cover with large rear cargo box/seat

    ATV Gear and Gadgets
    I had a nice Polaris trailerable cover for my 2012 Sportsman XP and it was awesome. Added a large rear seat/carbo box (Wes Comfort) and now, of course, the cover no longer fits. I'd like to just leave the seat on there, but miss the snug cover, particularly going in on muddy/sandy/dirty roads...
  2. Factory front rack from my 2009 850XP

    ATV Parts for Sale
    have the front factory rack off of my sportsman 850xp. Good shape no cracks or major marks asking 50 Bucks plus shipping if needed. Located in 19444
  3. Shocks for 850

    ATV General Discussion
    I'm getting ready to change springs on my 2014 850 xp, was wondering about changing shocks. Putting better springs any suggestions about shocks. Don't want to spend $900 on shocks though.
  4. 2015 850 vs 850SP

    ATV General Discussion
    Hi gang, What are the differences between the 850 and the 850SP. I see the rims, eps, and ADC. Are there any other differences? These machines have the same body, engine orientation, and frame right? Does anyone have a 2015 850 non-SP? Thanks! Looking to pick up an 850 non-SP this week and...
  5. 2014 850xp

    2014 850xp

    moose front and rear guards, rack extenders, aftermarket polaris rims
  6. New 850xp price

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I have been researching new utility quads for weeks now and sold my 2005 sportsman a week ago. I was looking mainly at Yamaha, Can-Am and Polaris. I've always had good luck with Polaris but thought I might try something else. After doing extensive research i was still undecided. I really didn't...
  7. Stock 2012 850xp wheels for sale

    Polaris XP
    I have pulled the trigger on new wheels for my 2012 850xp and I now have the stock wheels lying around getting in the way. Will sell seperate but would ultimately like the set gone. No real damage other then slight scuffs. No dents and rims are straight as an arrow. Had about 700 miles on my...
  8. Back rack / suspension not level

    Polaris XP
    I just bought the ATV on Saturday. It's a used 2012 850 XP. I noticed today that the ATV is not sitting level when looking at it from the rear. When measuring from the plastic down to the tire, there's about an inch and a half difference between the sides. The right side is lower than the...
  9. Hello from Central Kentucky

    ATV New Members
    Hi everyone. Just bought a Sportsman XP 850 EPS yesterday. It's a used 2012 model. Only had 636 miles on it. Couldn't pass up the price. This isn't my first ATV. I had a Sportsman 700 Twin back in 2002. I got rid of it about after a year. I'm glad to be back on an ATV. Can't wait until...
  10. 2010 850XP Diff Problems

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey all! I have a 2010 Sportsman 850XP non EPS. I have had a reoccurring shuddering from the front end on takeoff and then smooths out after I build up some speed. After pulling the front prop shaft the shudder is still there. By grabbing the input/ spline shaft off of the front differential, I...
  11. Brand New 2012 Sports xp 850 H.O. in the mud

    ATV Media
    Just got everything installed and ready to run. This is the first outing with it!! Enjoy:veryhappy:
  12. 2012 850xp trans clunking

    ATV New Members
  13. Playing in the mud

    ATV Media
    A little time up at Muddy Mary (yellow head) playing in the mudd.
  14. 850XP stock exhaust vs. Big Gun exhaust.

    Polaris XP
    I have spent the last two weeks trying to decide which exhaust to go with. I'm pretty sure I read every thread on here and watched every video on youtube concerning aftermarket exhaust. My buddy just ordered and installed the big gun slip on and after hearing his I couldn't pass up the sound or...
  15. 2011 850xp idle issues

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I've got a 2011 sportsman 850xp. When I first got it it idled between 1150-1200 rpms cold and when it warmed up. I replaced stock exhaust with hmf swamp xl. Also put 28" tires on. That's all I've done to it. I've put about 35 hours on it since I've made the upgrades. I've changed the oil and oil...
  16. Snow chains

    Polaris XP
    Hey y'all. I have a 2010 850xp and I was wondering if I shoul get some chains for plowing this year. I have no experience plowing with an atv and I don't want to be spinning all over the place because I didn't get them. I have a 60" warn plow an I still have the stock tires. Are there different...
  17. new to the forum and atvs (850xp)

    ATV New Members
    How I ended up with a polaris 850 xp. The word overkill is an understatement with me usually. I needed something I plow my driveway, by the way I am from Ontario, Canada, it is maybe 3 times the size of a standard subdivision house (still small compared to some of the country homes out there). I...
  18. 09 850 XP shifter problem

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi Everyone, im new to this so feedback would be greatly appreciated! i bought an 850 XP and last weekend i got it stuck in a HUGE water hole. Well after i got pulled out by 2 atv's we drained the belt and everything was working just fine, except, now it shifts into H,L,N,R,P REALLY hard. If...
  19. 850xp

    ATV General Discussion
    Got a new 2010 850xp on Tuesday and am looking for new tires and a plow. I got my viper max 4000# winch today. What plows will work with this setup? Also would like to see some different tires mounted on the 850xp with no lift. Thanks for all replies.
  20. New here.

    ATV New Members
    Just brought home a 2010 850xp on Tuesday. No problems so far. Got my viper max 4000# winch in today will be installing that tomorrow. Still need a plow and some better tires. Any recomendations? I do mostly trail riding but some rocks, mud, and snow too. Thanks for an help. Oh also the rear...