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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I need to change my inner cv boot and for the life of me I cannot get the axel out of the diff. Does anyone know any tricks?
  2. ATV General Discussion
    My rear outter Cv joint just started popping slightly. How many hours can i ride with the problem if it just started. I really just want to know if someone has determined how long a cv joint will work before it breaks. Dealership is two weeks behind..... Please let me know what ya thnk...
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I was out for a ride tonight, and way home the rear of the bike started dog tailing all over the trail any time I gave it some gas. Then while going through some mud I noticed the rear right wheel was not spinning. After getting home I gave it a check over, and the rubber boots didnts seem to...
1-3 of 4 Results