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  1. Bearings

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2012 550 w/mega mayhem tires and sti hd alloy rims. I'm very curious to hear if anyone has had issues with front bearings wearing within a year. I have babied the wheeler this past year and still had significant play in both front bearings. One resulting in my axle breaking yet again...
  2. Bearings for 2002 Polaris Trailblazer

    ATV General Discussion
    I've just taken the rear axle assembly completely apart (I just posted a bit ago about the axle problems), and the existing bearings are tapered roller bearings. I've seen sealed bearings that claim the fit this model. I'm not sure if this is common to have both roller and sealed bearings fit...
  3. Whining noise while moving

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    2 questions about a 1997 xpress 400 2x4 with a rebuilt 250 motor 1st-Brake lever feels a little spongy. Takes awhile for ATV to come to a stop. I replaced the pads. The old ones were actually in pieces. I installed new wheel bearings. I bleed an entire bottle through lines. The rear/foot...