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belt slipping

  1. Wet Belt, No power

    Polaris Sportsman
    So I was trail riding yesterday and we came across a big mud pit behind my friends subdivision and I rode out into what looked like a shallow hole and I sunk my 800 into at least 5 feet of water. I managed to float it across but when I came out the hole I had no pwer. I'm sure the belt is...
  2. belt slipping

    Polaris Sportsman
    i have a 2010 sportsman 500, and while riding the belt feels like it is slipping or almost feels like it shifts while taking off from a stop.. tacks up high then almost like a shift kicks in.. i removed belt cover and blew out dust and belt looks good, only have 960 miles on machine,, anyone...
  3. Question about the 2011 sportsman 500 H.O.

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello, to start I love Polaris. I was wanting to know if anyone has heard anything about the 2011 sportsman 500 H.O.? There is a good deal on a brand new one and I couldn't decide, so far, on getting the 800 EFI or the standard 500? Anyone have any suggestions? Do the belts slip bad on...