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  1. lost all electric power

    ATV General Discussion
    Last year I installed a winch on my 2010 Polaris 850 Touring EPS EFI. Seemed to work but have never really used. Today I installed a Polaris snow blade. With the ATV running, I used the winch to raise the blade, everything seemed to clear and work ok. I then used the winch to lower the blade...
  2. 1990 Trail Boss 250 2x4 Breaker Trips Continuously

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I recently bought a 1990 Trail Boss 250 2x4 for my wife. It ran great at the test drive. Suddenly, now that i have it home, as soon as the key is turned on, the breaker trips and kills the power. It cycles as it's supposed to, and trips immediately. I tested it by replacing it with a 10a...