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  1. ATV General Discussion
    I'm looking at a 2009 Polaris Ranger XP 700 EFI Browning Edition at my local ATV store. The issue is that it has over 9,000 miles on it. My question is can I get a 1000CC engine off of eBay or wherever and put it in with minimal issues? Also, I assume I'd have to get a different transmission for...
  2. Polaris XP
    Help !! Hand Warmers / Heated Grips overheating. 2009 Sportsman 850 XP Browning Edition. Getting 13 volts to grip on right side with switch off. (both switches test good w/ meter) Also getting 4 volts to left side grip with switch off. ( separate switches for each grip ) Can anyone tell me...
  3. Polaris XP
    Extremely excited about the upcoming purchase of my first Polaris and want to be sure I make the right decision for such a sizable investment. Looking for suggestions on wether to go with 21013 550 Browning LE with PS versus a stock 850xp. Price is almost identical at $7700 and $7500...
  4. ATV New Members
    I tried the steel front rack extender today for my 2010 550 XL ESP Browning edition. The holes don't match up on the front of it. The composite rack does not fit either. The dealer doesn't know why it won't fit. I'd appreciate anyone's help with solving this little problem.
1-4 of 4 Results