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  1. I pick up my 570 EPS Friday

    ATV New Members
    Hello everyone, I have been pouring over the forums for the last month. Watched so many videos and read so many reviews. I came down to a 2015 570 EPS in white with a plow kit and winch. I live in northern North Dakota. I haven't signed a contract yet. I did give a deposit. Now I have a few...
  2. I want to buy an Polaris Sportsman from 2006 but I don't know the engine capacity

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I want to buy an Polaris Sportsman from 2006 but I don't know the engine capacity. This atv is on sale on an auction site from Uk, and they aren't interested in posting details ( this site is mostly for cars). I have only some phosos of it, and the beginning of VIN, I mailed to them for the...
  3. My buying experience in Michigan

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    Hey everyone, Thanks for all the feedback and tips. I picked up an 850 non-EPS, with plow and 2500 winch installed today from Full Throttle in Lansing. Out the Door was $8,200. Not a screaming deal, but reasonable. I really had to work on them to get that price. They pulled the ole, "you...
  4. Buyin an 06 sportsman 450

    ATV General Discussion
    Hey just wanna check on it... Im pretty much buyin it regardless... but anything i need to know bout these particular atv's? and my biggest concern is I tested it out today... rides good runs good kinda hard to shift but no biggie... but as i was ridin i noticed there was some sorta rattle...