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camshaft replacement

  1. Polaris Sportsmans Rocker Arms and Camshaft

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    For sale new intake and exhaust rocker arms and camshaft Installed these parts ran the machine for a couple minutes Decided I didn't have time to finish the project. Camshaft -- $195 Part# 3086212 Exhaust Rocker --- $50 Part# 3084913 Intake Rockers --- $100...
  2. 2012 Sportsman Cam Replacement and more...ugh.

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hey - I bought a 2012 Sportsman HO last December and have had trouble with it starting correctly since I bought it. Took it to the dealer to have it looked at in May 2012 (I was told it was "normal") and then again in August 2012. Dealer tried to stuff me with a new starter because there was...