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  1. Camshaft half moon guides?

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2005 Polaris Predator 500 and I'm assembling the top-end and just noticed that I'm missing one of the guides that goes on top of the bearing on the camshaft that sits between the camshaft bearing and a camshaft cover. Does anyone know what this part is called or if it can be purchased...
  2. 2000 Sportsman 500 Issues

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Lots of people suggested i check the cam and after a couple months i finally got around to attacking it. I got it all apart and got the cam/rockers out. The cam and rockers needed to be replaced, they were pretty scored up and didn't look too hot. So i got the new cam and everything and put it...
  3. 1999 335 camshaft

    ATV Parts Wanted
    Looking for a cam for 99 sportsman 335. Or a reputable machine shop to weld and regrind ut they all do cars not quads. Any help would be appreciated. Thx -Scizzo
  4. Loss of power, early sportsman HO, carburetor diaphragm

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi Guys! I take, I give. Loved to read through forums to orient my assesment on my Sportsman 400 HO 2011. I did not find the exact problem I encountered on the forums, but forums helped me to find it quicker, so I'll explain what happened: Rode my bike wintertime as usual on packed snow...
  5. 2012 Sportsman Cam Replacement and more...ugh.

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hey - I bought a 2012 Sportsman HO last December and have had trouble with it starting correctly since I bought it. Took it to the dealer to have it looked at in May 2012 (I was told it was "normal") and then again in August 2012. Dealer tried to stuff me with a new starter because there was...
  6. 99 Sportsman 500 no power

    ATV New Members
    Hello so the other day i was riding at my cabin up in the moutons (about 7000 feet above sea level). As i was riding my atv it all of a sudden had NO power, i was pinning the throttle and topping out at 5mph. I thought it was the carb flooding at first but after removing the carb and draining...