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  1. Sprocket ratio change for front and rear on xplorer 400

    Polaris Xplorer and Xpedition
    Hello, so I'm trying to change the gear ratio for more low-end power. installed larger tires and i run the machine in low 75% of the time. For the rear, I can drop a tooth in the front and or go up a few on the rear axle. But what about the front, to keep the same ratio front and rear. Has...
  2. How to adjust the drive chain!

    Polaris Trail Boss
    I have looked and looked for info on how to adjust that sloppy drive chain. I thought that people were saying to slide the rear axle to tighten it. It doesn't slide! I misunderstood. It rotates! I figured it out finally! So I hope to help enlighten people about it...with pictures! It seems that...
  3. Xplorer 300 Rear Sprocket

    ATV General Discussion
    I am new to this site and have a question. I am replacing the rear sprocket on my 1998 Xplorer 300 and have hit a snag. I tried removing the bolts holding the sprocket on and found that the bolt head is round and is recessed in a round hole. Either something is broke/wrong or I am missing...
  4. 96 Magnum 425 2x4 -Changing Front Sprocket

    Polaris Magnum
    The front sprocket on my Magnum is tore up. Has almost no teeth to it and I need to change it. I went to the Polaris store and got the right sprocket and now I need help as to how I change the front sprocket. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. 2012 outlaw 90 chain rubbing problem

    Polaris Outlaw
    I have a wierd problem on my sons 90 outlaw ... The chain is rubbing the top of the swing arm tube that the bolt goes through. I've tried adjusting chain ... Already replace the poor excuse for a chain tensioner with one from MAX RPM ... but it's as there is not enough clearance between the...
  6. Chain Wont tighten

    Polaris Predator
    just a quick question, i have a 2003 predator, my chain doesnt seem to tighten up enough i was wondering if the chain needs to be replaced or what cold be the issue, also there looks like an idle or pulley in between the crank sprocket and rear sprocket and i was wondering if the chain was...
  7. 1995 Polaris 300 2x4

    ATVs For Sale
    For Sale: 1995 Polaris 300 2x4 This unit is being sold for the cost of the repairs. New Parts: Polaris master cylinder, front/rear steel brake lines, recoil spring/rope, and choke Primary drive 11T front sprocket and D.I.D. 520 O-ring chain Aftermarket starter solenoid Interstate battery...
  8. HELP! Tightening the chain on a scrambler 500 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have what i think is a 2002 Scrambler 500 4x4 that sat around for a little while. The only problem i have besides a slightly clogged up carb is that my chain has gotten a lot looser than it used to be. I've tried just reading directions from other people on how to do this (i also lost my...