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clutch springs

  1. 2014 sportsman 400 QSC secondary spring

    ATV Performance Modifications
    When installing the QSC clutch kit the primary spring and weights went in just fine and fit as the stock ones did. When installing the secondary spring I noticed the new QSC spring didn't have "prongs" to put in the holes of the clutch and helix to turn it and set the tension. It fits ok, but...
  2. trailblazer 250 clutch springs

    ATV Performance Modifications
    Ive noticed over time my 2003 trailblazer 250 doesnt have the take off power it used to. i cant ride a wheelie anymore and its harder to pull hills. it stills has top end speed but takes longer to get there. ive read that replaceing the clutch springs could fix the problem. can anyone give me...