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  1. 2015 570 non EPS compression check

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Plan on inspecting a used 570 today that has 1200 miles / 122 hours. Anyone have an idea of what I should expect when doing a compression check? Seems 130 psi is the desired norm based on several other models in the 500cc range, but being used I don't expect it to be quite that high. Is there...
  2. 1996 Polaris sportsman 400 2 stroke

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys, Just bought a couple fixer uppers. A 95 and a 96 sportsman 400 2 stroke. The 95 is brought up to speed and purring like a kitten. However I am having problems with the 96. Here it is: - machine won't start, every so often it will give a small kick as if trying to go, but never...
  3. extremely low compression

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I am wondering if my cheap Harbor Freight compression tester is no good. I just bought a 2002 Scrambler 90 and tested the compression. It reads 40 psi but starts and runs just fine with a lot of pep. I tested my wife's 2000 Scrambler 400 two stroke and it reads 95 psi with no trouble starting...
  4. (03) compression adjuster stuck (Fox Podium with remote reservoir)

    Polaris Predator
    I just tried to adjust the compression damper on the rear shock on my 2003 Predator but the adjustment knob is stuck solid. anyone have any ideas?
  5. trailboss 250 wont start

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    i have a 1991 trailboss 250 has good compression gets good spark, gets fuel, but it wont do anything but hit, i have sprayed starting fluid in the intake... still nothin, its been sitting for over a year. but i thought compression, spark, fuel is all it needs all im getting it to do is hit one...
  6. Blown engine - oil change

    Polaris ATV How-Tos
    My mother has a Sportsman 500, 2008 with barely 300km. One of her friend was driving it to the garage to get the oil changed when the engine died after roughly 1,000 feet and it doesn’t start anymore. I took the machine to the dealer who says that there is barely any compression at all. He...
  7. hello all new here

    ATV New Members
    I burned my trailblazer down last weekend now i was suspecting it to be low on power before we went riding but not sure how much these little things had to begin with .....just got it was ridden hard by previous owner ...now trying to decide whether or not to resurrect the little guy or perform...
  8. polaris 6x6 starting problems

    ATV New Members
    Hy. can please somebody help me, i have a 1998 Polaris 500 H.O big boss 6x6. the engine won't turn over unless i remove the spark plug. the engine creates to much compression for the starter to turn it. is there a compression release valve or other component that isn't working properly.or could...