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dual exhaust

  1. Polaris sportsman 850 exhaust

    Polaris XP
    Does any one know anything good about the dual full exhaust offered by emp
  2. White Brothers Dual Exhaust Outlaw Pure Polaris

    ATV Parts for Sale
    Have exhaust off of Polaris Outlaw 525 07-08 - Great Condition!!! Pure Polaris by White Brothers Racing Polaris Outlaw DualMuffler This Dual muffler design allows for maximum performance and superior silencing. Increases overall performance 4-5 horsepower Increases overall torque by 5ft...
  3. 2011 850 xp dual exhaust

    ATV Performance Modifications
    Just wondering if anyone makes a dual exhaust for the 2011 850 xp and what website can I go to to find it. Any info will be appreciated