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  1. Polaris Trail Boss
    I got a 1986 trail boss 250r/es from a buddy. The engine starts and runs, but the transmission has a big hole in it. I just bought a 1988 trail boss 250 2x4 (NOT r/es) to use as parts. The 88 has a good transmission but the engine seems to have very low compression. My question is: should I...
  2. ATV General Discussion
    Hey all, new to the site. If this should be asked elsewhere let me know. Son has a 1996 Sportsman 4x4 400cc, engine blew. Found a magnum 330 engine wondering if that engine would fit, or what engines would fit with other components? I have heard a 350/400 or maybe 500 fits in the 400cc....I...
1-2 of 2 Results