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  1. Front End Rise

    ATV Brakes & Suspension
    I have a 2006 Sportsman 450, and the front end rises a lot when I take off, like to the point where the shocks are at then end of their travel. Is this normal, or do I need to adjust something, or purchase some replacement shocks/springs?
  2. Front Diff. Assem. W/ADC

    ATV Parts for Sale
    I have a Polaris Front Diff. Assem. With ADC, it will fit almost all 850's from 2009-2014 and some 550's. Check on Polaris Parts House to verify your machine. see photos for details Part Number: 1332963 Price; $900 obo shipped Thanks
  3. Question on Changing seal in front end cv boot

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey peoples, Early 2004 Polaris 500HO. Trying to change a seal because I have hub fluid leaking from the seal at the CV boot. Just wondering the easiest way to get the CV boot out of the hub without wrecking the boot itself, making it an even bigger job. Thanks, Michelle
  4. Please help!! Replacing 2004 front wheel bearings

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I am attempting to change out the front wheel bearings on my 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500HO. I have the wheel off and the hub opened up but the wheel bearing given to me by the dealership looks far different than anything in the hub. Did they change the bearing styles? Or am I screwing up...
  5. Humming sound coming from front wheel.

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2011 Sportsman 850xp. It only has 167 miles on it. Hasn't been ridden alot. I'm hearing a humming sound or "whoop whoop" sound coming from the right front end/tire. Seems to be as the tire rotates. If it was my truck, I'd say my bearings were shot. Is it possible that my bearings...
  6. 850xp front end shudder

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey all! I have a 2010 sportsman 850 xp with a shudder on takeoffs. The front end has new bearings, a-arm bushings, ball joints, even new tires. The shaking is only there when you first give it some gas. I thought it was the front prop shaft so I pulled it and the shaking/ shudder is still...