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  1. ATV Performance Modifications
    Hi everyone.. new to the forum, but have received countless help browsing the past few years.. My question is...and I have searched for days now (and I apologize if it has already been covered)...I know it has been asked...but this is more of a possible answer... I have an 03 sportsman without...
  2. Polaris Sportsman
    I was wondering what is the easiest way to put a water temp gauge on a 2000 Sportsman 500? I was thinking just to attach some kind of bolt on my coolant inlet tube and run it to the gauge. Do you think this would work? And also what is the temp that the coolant light turns on at and what is the...
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    On my sportsman my gauge stopped working and now the 4wd will not work. Is there a way to bypass the gauge to make the 4wd work? ive heard of people bypassing it somehow, I will be needing it this week for the 4wd. Any help will be appriciated.
1-3 of 3 Results