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gear ratio

  1. Sprocket ratio change for front and rear on xplorer 400

    Polaris Xplorer and Xpedition
    Hello, so I'm trying to change the gear ratio for more low-end power. installed larger tires and i run the machine in low 75% of the time. For the rear, I can drop a tooth in the front and or go up a few on the rear axle. But what about the front, to keep the same ratio front and rear. Has...
  2. Gearing Question

    ATV Wheels & Tires
    Hello there! I just purchased my first Scrambler, a 2001 Polaris Scrambler 500cc 4x4 concentric drive. It needed a few things including tires. I got some aftermarket rims and tires and i knew that my scrambler had a 1" difference in tire size so i found a set on craigslist and got them! Turns...
  3. 03 Trail Boss 330 Performance Mods

    Polaris Trail Boss
    So, I want to increase the take off power and acceleration. Normally, this could be done by changing sprocket sizes. I've read that ideal sprocket ratios for an ATV is between 3.0 & 4.0 but closer to 3.0 So, since factory 11/40 is 3.63 (which is pretty low geared already) would I really benefit...