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gearcase fluid change

  1. Is there any fluid substitutes

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I own a 2003 polaris sportsman 500 that I have spent way to much money on as it is. So my questions are: I need to do an oil change, what generic oil do I use I need to change the transmission fluid, is any tranny fluid good? I just changed the seals on my front hubs. What is the equivalent to...
  2. Transmission/Gearcase fluid change - Scrambler 500H.O.

    Polaris ATV How-Tos
    Hey guys I thought I would post a couple How-tos for the 500 scrambler as I couldn't find much when looking. Starting with tranny flush Parts needed: 1) Socket sizes: 9/16 and 3/4 (Open end wrenches) 2) Polaris AGL - Gearcase/Transmission (1 Quart of fluid) 3) Oil Pan and funnel Steps: 1)...