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  1. Polaris Trail Boss
    So I bought a 93 Trail Boss 350L 4x4 the other day. Always wanted some sort of ATV, and a deal came around. He was selling a 7x10 flatbed trailer and we mentioned the ATV in passing. We got both for $700. Here's the story of the ATV: the guy we bought it from picked it up from someone that...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I've been hearing a grinding noise (sounds like when you try to put a car in gear without pressing the clutch down properly) when I'm being stupid with the bike. When I'm doing a doughnut/donut and giving it full throttle it'll make the noise, or if i'm giving it a lot of gas going over/out...
  3. Polaris Trail Boss
    I have a friend who is selling a 94 Trail Boss 6x6 that he has had sitting for a few years, and I was hoping to get a little advice. The beast has obviously been used, but starts easily and seems to be functional. The problem is that, even with the idle set low the gears grind when you try to...
1-3 of 3 Results