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  1. 2004.5 sportsman 700 efi headlight load shedding ground

    ATV Performance Modifications
    hey guys, been on here for a little while but i think this may be my first post. Hopefully some of you are familiar with this particular machine as it was a goofy transition year to the 05. I did a 3 headlight relay mod on it and i discovered it has a load shedding ground which basically reduces...
  2. Stator short to ground, 06 sportsman 450

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Ok, been having overcharge issue for a couple weeks now. I bought new ecm thinking it was voltage regulator as battery was metering at 16-18 volts at 3000-4000 rpm. After new ecm (regulator is built in on this model year), same overcharge issue. I tested stator legs and they are ALL showing a...
  3. problem with awd on 02 sportsman 500

    ATV General Discussion
    On my 02 sportsman the awd wouldn't work. Nothing on my pod did, so I reground the factory grounds and everything worked great.... for a few days. It started grounding the motor out and won't run with it grounded. Any suggestions on how to get my pod and awd working again?
  4. No ground at pin 70 on the "Start Selenoid Relay"

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Is there any other "Sensors" or "Switches" that makes the ECM (#4012616 ECU) spit out ground from pin -6- (E70)??? A few months back I started having problems starting my Sportsman 850 xp eps 2010. When turning the key to "Start" it would go "Click, Click, Click" but nothing else... but not...
  5. 2001 Scrambler 400 4x4 No spark unless black cdi wire unhooked

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Ok so I have spent the last couple days tearing this thing apart testing wires without a service manual (not for lack of looking) figuring out what wires run to where and what they do. I have found that when I unhook the wires that run from the key and kill switch to the black wire that runs to...