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  1. 110 EFI Hard start/flooding

    Polaris Outlaw
    Hello all, My son's 2017 110 EFI started to become harder and harder to start. Once started seems to run fine for the most part. It seems to be flooding out at start up as you can smell gas heavily at the exhaust. Would a dirty injector cause this issue if it were stuck open? Has good spark...
  2. Very hard to start? (cold start)

    Polaris Sportsman
    My 14 Sportsman 400 was very hard to start yesterday. I keep it in my garage, however my garage isn't heated. I was expecting it to be a little more difficult but not that bad. It was 12 deg f outside and probably 20 in the garage. So my question is what do some of you do when it gets cold...
  3. 05 400 Won't Idle until it warms up

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys, Slight problem on my 04 500, It seems like it wont idle at all unless the engine is warm. And its very hard to start. Normally always have to use the pull start to spin the engine fast enough to get it running. (could be another problem with my starter) Any who, it does it at all...
  4. 1999 Diesel Hard Start - HELP!

    Polaris Diesel ATVs
    I have a 1999 diesel with less than 400 miles on it. It ran perfectly when I bought it last fall.... had it garaged all winter. I took it to the local Polaris dealer last week for servicing. New batteries, oil and filter, etc... $700 bill. The mechanic claimed both the rpm limiter module and the...
  5. Hard to Start Predator 50

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2004 Predator 50 that is hard to start when using the electrical starter. Most of the time it will not even start with the starter. It will start very easily with the kick start. My eight year old son it not big enough to use the kick starter. I have replaced the starter, battery...
  6. 1997 trail boss Help!

    Polaris Trail Boss
    Im having a issue with it not starting only thing it will do is back fire out the carb i have fresh fuel and new plug Im getting spark and gas on plug Now here is what ive done: New plug and Fresh fuel rebuilt top end i used the stock piston and bought stock 72mm rings i bought gasket kit for...
  7. Fuel in Oil

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey Guys, I cleaned the carb on my 98 Magnum 425 about 3 weeks ago. It ran great for two days then it became hard to start. I checked the oil level and the first two days it was good. Then when it became hard to start the oil level started to go up. The oil does not really smell like fuel, but...
  8. Seemingly simple flywheel

    ATV New Members
    Hi there, I have been a fan of this site and have been a "lurker" for a while but now I am finally in. I have a 1985 250 trailboss that has a weak spark and no power to the head lights and taillights. Looks like the stator but I went to pull the flywheel off and I now have question. It looks...