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heated grips
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  1. ATV General Discussion
    Hi guys, My Tusk heated grip controller shit the bed after 2 days of using it. Now it supplies constant 12v to one of the grips at all times when the bike is running. So one is burning hot and the other is cold. I saw that a bunch of people use cheap eBay LED PWM dimmers/controllers with...
  2. Polaris Sportsman 570
    went out to push a little snow a couple weeks ago and noticed one of my hand warmers wont work. these are factory installed and i bought this ride brand new . a little disappointing that i have a problem already. has anybody ever tackled this project, or should i haul it to the dealership??*(i...
  3. Polaris XP
    I put the polaris heated grips on back in December and now I just ordered a light bar. What kind of battery should I get to avoid any problems now that I will be running those accessories.
  4. ATV New Members
    Howdy all: I just bought a 2008 700 EFI X2 and want to put some heated grips on it. I have done lots of this type of tinkering, but must admit that this is my first ATV. Is there a "really great power supply" for heated grips? Terminal block or accessory location on the switch? Any advice...
1-4 of 4 Results