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  1. Help, 2015 Polaris 850 sp

    Polaris XP
    Okay so I’ve been have a 2015 Polaris sportsman 850 sp. long story short is I got stuck with the payment and I have been paying it off for a while now. But it doesn’t run it’s been parked for a littler over a year. It doesn’t have any power and doesn’t even turn over. Just wondering what would...
  2. 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 issue

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello to whoever is reading this, I have a question. My 2002 Polaris Sporstman 700 will run about 10 ish minutes then spark will go. If I let it sit it comes back and same thing. The tachometer for idle adjustment stopped working when this happened. I have an RMStator ace cdi box in the bike. My...
  3. 2004 Sportsman 500 H.O Engine Replacement

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hey there my dad gave me his old sportsman 500 H.O but it has a blown engine and I'm trying to find a replacement. My Question is what years would fit on this frame? Are there other years that use the same engine that I can use to widen my search?
  4. HELP Polaris Ranger 500 EFI 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I can’t start my ranger but when I release the key it dies. I can turn the key to start and hold the key in start mode and it will run, but I as soon as I release the key it dies. I have changed the ignition switch out and checked the voltage on the fuel pump. I am getting 12 when I start then...
  5. Polaris Sportsman 500 Bad top end speed

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hello I am new to this forum.. But I got a 96 Polaris Sportsman 500 And my problem is that in high gear I can't go above 25-30 mph But occasionally i will get a burst of power/speed and it will go 57 as normal. It seems like it's not really revving up all the way. But in neutral it revs up all...
  6. oil vescocity chart

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    does anyone know what type of oil my 1997 polaris sportsman 400 takes i cant tell if its a two stroke or 4 stroke
  7. 1997 polaris sportsman wont start

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    i have a 1997 sportsman 400 and it turns over but wont start. i have replaced the starter and battery and checked almost all connections. Can anyone help ?
  8. Help 250 trail boss probably 1995 or 96

    Polaris Trail Boss
    opps m
  9. PLEASE HELP!!! 98 polaris magnum 425 problem

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    If anyone knows Polaris atvs and could please help me Ive been working on my step dads 1998 Polaris Magnum 425 4x4 for a month now and am running out of $$, time, and patience. Ok here's the story/problem, about 6 months ago it lost power an felt like the rev limiter was kicking in the second...
  10. 2002 700 sportsman, over heating

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have an 02 Sportsman 700 and in the last few days I've all of a sudden encountered an over heating issue. Is this common? Is there a remedy, or something I should be looking for. I've also noticed sometimes the cooling fan kicks on but sometimes it dont, what could be my problem? Any help...
  11. transmissions

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 96 trailblazer and the transmission is bad, my buddy offered me his 92 trail boss that has a bad motor for parts, will the transmission ' s interchange? They are both 250 cc's and 2 wheel drive.
  12. Electrical issues Trail BOSS 330

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    hi. im having electrical problems with my 04 Trail boss 330 the battery voltage drops dramaticaly when RPM rises...... resulting in the battery not charging. idle volt: 14.5v when revving: ca 9v and lately the ATV has started backfiring like crazy... could this be a faulty CDI box? any...
  13. Advice need on this issue

    ATV New Members
    Hello everyone, New owner of a 2014 sportsman 400 here. Just picked it up this past friday. Took it out on the trails for a total of 6 hours during the weekend on normal trails, nothing too harsh, no sharp rocks , etc... Was checking tire pressure Sunday morning before heading out when I...
  14. 2002 sportsman 500 won't fire has spark, please help

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey I am new to the board. I have a 2002 sportsman 500 ho that won't fire up. recently started smoking so I tore it down and replaced the piston rings. Now after i put it back together I've had problems with getting it to start. I have got it to start about 3 times after kept turning the key and...