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  1. ATV General Discussion
    So I was trying to put more gas in the fuel tank of my parents atv to use it. I used a fuel container to put the gas in. But I didn’t realize that my dad had placed that empty fuel container by the shed and it had gotten water in it from the rain. So I had assumed there was gas in it, not water...
  2. ATV New Members
    2006 sportsman 500efi Fan not working. I have disconnected the temp sensor turned key forward and fan doesn't come on. I have also had the ecm rebuilt by module masters and still have the same issue. Looking for some help. Thank you in advance
  3. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    new member and first post so hello to all I recently purchased a 96 sportsman 400 2stroke. it rode fine for awhile then it starting having issues. to start, when it was running to get er to go into gear you had to rock back and forth a bit then it would pop into gear. Now it wont go into gear...
  4. ATV General Discussion
    Hey guys, I had my 99 polaris xpedition worked on a few months ago. When I took it to the mechanic I had a toggle switch that allowed me to turn on the radiator fan. He took it upin himself to put a new thermostat in and eliminating the switch. Great of itd work but its only turned on a...
  5. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Bought brand new. Currently has just over 500 miles on it. All stock except tires and pinion cover (if you know then you know) anyways never an issue with it. Went out to fire it up and acted like battery was dead or low. No prime, no attempt to turn motor over and gear display on the pod showed...
  6. ATV Racing Discussion
    So I have a. 1997 Polaris sportsman 500 4x4 and I keep stripping rear hubs ....is there any other Year I can use.... Any help would be great thanks
  7. Polaris Sportsman
    Hey everyone! Maybe someone could help me out here? My sportsman 500 sputters when I give it gas. It doesn’t matter if it’s in neutral, high, low, reverse, it does the same thing. But if I take the air box lid off it seems to help so it’s kind of mind boggling why it does that. if anyone has...
  8. Polaris Sportsman 570
    I know I know, take it to the dealer, but if it's something simple I'd like to avoid the hassle. I have a '21 570 EFI, and for some reason it bogs down/sounds like it's not getting enough spark or fuel, or something I'm unaware of. It was doing it a little when riding around 4800 rpms, and now...
  9. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    91 Polaris 4x4 350l Trail Boss, 2 Stroke, Liquid Cooled. I have been having low power, backfiring, and rough idle issues with this quad for a long while. One day it would not start (even with starting fluid) and I have not been able to start it since. Below are some of the things I have tried-...
  10. ATV New Members
    Hey everyone, I’ve been following the site for awhile mainly old Polaris tech and trying to self diagnose my ATV. Installed new Tbap harness from OTB. Anyway, I’ve been having this issue with my ATV for a little while and I’m having a hard time figuring out what it could be. My idling rpm is...
  11. ATV General Discussion
    So 2015 850 sportsman sank and sucked up water . After clearing water and changing oil . It will start but has a loud tic noise . Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and for suggestions on what it could be .
  12. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi hope someone can help, working on a 2015 polaris sportsman 850sp. When i got it needed a trans which i replaced no problem bike ran fine. New trans in and bike wont start has a bad crank position sensor that is on order. Now since i got it the check engine light has been on and i was trying...
  13. ATV General Discussion
    I got this message on my diagnosis setting on my polaris sportsman 570 efi. 3 168 1 Just a while back i had the 0OV (voltage) thing on my display all of a suddan. If anyone can give me some advice or help i would really like that. Thanks in advance
  14. Polaris XP
    Okay so I’ve been have a 2015 Polaris sportsman 850 sp. long story short is I got stuck with the payment and I have been paying it off for a while now. But it doesn’t run it’s been parked for a littler over a year. It doesn’t have any power and doesn’t even turn over. Just wondering what would...
  15. ATV General Discussion
    Hello to whoever is reading this, I have a question. My 2002 Polaris Sporstman 700 will run about 10 ish minutes then spark will go. If I let it sit it comes back and same thing. The tachometer for idle adjustment stopped working when this happened. I have an RMStator ace cdi box in the bike. My...
  16. Polaris Sportsman
    Hey there my dad gave me his old sportsman 500 H.O but it has a blown engine and I'm trying to find a replacement. My Question is what years would fit on this frame? Are there other years that use the same engine that I can use to widen my search?
  17. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I can’t start my ranger but when I release the key it dies. I can turn the key to start and hold the key in start mode and it will run, but I as soon as I release the key it dies. I have changed the ignition switch out and checked the voltage on the fuel pump. I am getting 12 when I start then...
  18. Polaris Sportsman
    Hello I am new to this forum.. But I got a 96 Polaris Sportsman 500 And my problem is that in high gear I can't go above 25-30 mph But occasionally i will get a burst of power/speed and it will go 57 as normal. It seems like it's not really revving up all the way. But in neutral it revs up all...
  19. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    does anyone know what type of oil my 1997 polaris sportsman 400 takes i cant tell if its a two stroke or 4 stroke
  20. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    i have a 1997 sportsman 400 and it turns over but wont start. i have replaced the starter and battery and checked almost all connections. Can anyone help ?
1-20 of 27 Results