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  1. Alpena strobelitz install

    ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    Hello everyone, I just bought myself strobe lights for my sportsman etx. I am not very good with wiring but I can do it with proper instructions. I was just wondering how to wire it and if someone can give me instructions on how to. It comes with 4 bulbs and a controller. I have all the wires...
  2. Help Needed: 2007 Sportsman 500x2 EFI - Engine Electronics

    Polaris Sportsman
    I am pretty sure I have a problem with the EFI electronics system. The machine has 302.8 hours on it. The engine starts and runs fine until it is warmed up - approx. 15 mins. After about 15 minutes of run time, the engine looses power, runs rough, fires back thru the throttle body, backfires...
  3. netman

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2004 sportsman 400. Overheats. New themostat. New fan switch rad will not get hot on bottom side. Fan works. Waterpump ? Any help out there for a new member HELP
  4. 2001 Polaris 250 Trailblazer will run fine and then suddenly cut off...help please

    Polaris Trail Blazer
    Okay, so this is my first post. Nice forum btw with tons of awesome info! So I am looking for help with my ATV my grandfather left sitting a while that was given to me. I cleaned out the carbs really well, drained all gas, and changed the plug. I have to jump start it because the batteries...
  5. Loud slapping noise?

    ATV General Discussion
    Hey guys i recently had a roll over on my '05 sportsman 500 and ever since it occasionally makes an extremely loud slap noise from the engine when i rev up its not the drivetrain as it does it in neutral as well as in drive. Any ideas? My polaris shop are a bunch of blockhead crooks who will...
  6. Tires and wheels

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2002 Polaris sportsman 400 and I was wanting to get new wheels and tires how big can I go without having to modify my quad? Right now I have stock 25 x 8 x 12 front 25 x 11 x 10 rear
  7. 700 twin 4x4 Not workings correctly

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey there guys, hope one of you may have an answer for me. I just recently purchased a 2003 Sportsman 700 Twin, and the 4wd is always engaged, even if the switch is off. Im fairly new to this whole thing and havent worked on too many wheelers. So if anybody could lend some useful advice it would...
  8. Hello from 29Stumps (Twenty-nine Palms), CA

    ATV New Members
    :yaya::turtle:It's been a couple of years since I been on this site, its was not do to not having any problems with my 2006 500 H.O., with only 50 miles on it, it was because I could never find the time to enjoy riding, so now that I have some time to ride, it will not start of course, new...