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high compression

  1. predator has too high compression eats starters and one ways

    Polaris Predator
    Ok guys imvnew with Fuji motors I can fix anything but this my first one and my brother's bike he can't get anyone to figure it out so I told him I'd give it a shot I need help I just got it in my shop for starters its a 540 or whatever big bore stage two cam edelbrock carb full big gun...
  2. high compression rebuild died after 3 weeks help!!

    Polaris Predator
    ive got a problem im 23 my brother is 15 we both have predator 500s, my step dad got my brothers predator 500 rebuilt about 2 or 3 weeks ago they put a 12.5 high compression piston in it and shaved the head .002 and did a 5 angle valve job on it he has ran 3-4 tanks of gas threw it and tonight...