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  1. Rear brakes HOT

    ATV Brakes & Suspension
    Hi guys, I had an issue with the rear brakes on my wifes 2013 Sportsman 500 over Memorial weekend. We were about 6 miles into our first ride and she called me on the Garmin and told me she had no brakes. I rode back to the last stop sign and she was not lying. No front or rear brakes. The...
  2. Question on Changing seal in front end cv boot

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey peoples, Early 2004 Polaris 500HO. Trying to change a seal because I have hub fluid leaking from the seal at the CV boot. Just wondering the easiest way to get the CV boot out of the hub without wrecking the boot itself, making it an even bigger job. Thanks, Michelle
  3. how do i take the hub off the driveshaft

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2000 sportsman 335 and I snapped the u joints off the rear driveshaft and I am replacing them but I cant take the hub off the driveshaft. how can I get this off? thanks
  4. 97 magnum 425 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    ok. as you all know this quad has been a big project for me as I got it in pieces when I bought it lol. but I got her running and mostly put together! now all that's left to fix is these small but annoying issues. #1: I cannot for the life of me set the linkage for the shifter right to where...
  5. Pls help! - override Hilliard clutch permanently.

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello, I have had alot of problems with the AWD system on my 89 Trail Boss 250. I'm giving up on the oh-so-finicky electrical 4wd system. Far too many weak links in that "chain" for me. I have read all the diagnostic, theory, and debate threads. I'm not interested in troubleshooting it anymore...
  6. Hub/Bearing issues

    Polaris Trail Boss
    I replaced the front hub and wheel bearings on my 06 trail boss. One problem, does seem to give me enough room to fit my washer and get my nut on. I just bought this machine, it also looks like the same issue for the other left side also. Any ideas what might cause this? the hub seems to be...
  7. Polaris sportsman 500 pulls hard right in reverse

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Just noticed today, when I was backing up my Polaris turns itself to the right. I Disengaged the on demand 4x4 and it stopped pulling. I know in the Manuel it says to stop and shift to drive and back to reverse because one of the hubs is not disengaged/or engaged. Was it pulling to the right...
  8. 2001 sportsman 400 one wheel has no power

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I was out for a ride tonight, and way home the rear of the bike started dog tailing all over the trail any time I gave it some gas. Then while going through some mud I noticed the rear right wheel was not spinning. After getting home I gave it a check over, and the rubber boots didnts seem to...
  9. Strut Sleeve Adjustment/Removal

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Sorry if this has been addressed, I've searched and the whole Hilliard/Hub/Armature Plate/Strut Sleeve issue seems to be a pretty common topic with a lot of diverse issues. Anyway, I checked my clearance from the Strut Sleeve to the inner ring (magnet). Supposed to be .000 to .001 inch...