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  1. Polaris Phoenix 2012(?) issues running.

    Polaris Phoenix
    Hi. My family bought a Phoenix a couple of years ago for us togo riding with. It’s worked for the past couple of year just fine with no issues, other than we had a similar issue to the one we have now. When I was our trail riding with a friend, who was on the vehicle at the time, it stalled...
  2. 2005 Phoenix: Kick starter stuck down, elec. start won't turn engine over

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Just bought this '05 phoenix, got it cleaned up and running after 2+ years of sitting... It ran pretty good all President's weekend, and the kids must have put 40 miles on it... For some reason the choke decided to start sticking open, but I'll figure that one out . . . Now that it's home...