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  1. Polaris Sportsman
    2008 Sportsman 500 HO EFI. So before I begin with my inquiry, I know this topic has been discussed many of times, but most of the information pertaining to the older vehicles, to me are outdated. So I'm going to dig into this in hopes that somebody has some insight on some newer tech. Being...
  2. Polaris Sportsman
    Before I ask, I'm sure this has been beat up but I cannot find my answer after much searching. I have a 2004.5 500HO with a 1157 taillight lamp. I'm trying to save some power for accessories by changing it to LED. I tried a simple replacement 1157 LED lamp but it isn't working. Do I need a...
  3. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I have a 2015 Sportsman 570 and I'm looking for a male plug for the female hi beam plug. I have a sound tube in the front which makes my hi beam useless. I want to use the existing wiring and existing hi beam switch to control a 9 inch L.E.D. light. If anyone knows of a source for this male...
  4. ATV Performance Modifications
    Hi guys, I just want to share with you my experience on my new LED headlight. I chose 144W Cree LED 23 inch bar with spot and flood sections. Apart from that I also installed round 27W flood at the back. I did not link it with the R gear signal from the transmission, because the light hasn`t...
  5. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    This lights are bright like xenon white. Y have also bought something to mount them.
  6. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I bought a Tamarack Titan Series Deluxe Lounger and a set of rear fender guards/foot pegs (all from Thor) for my 2012 Sportsman 500 HO. Everything looks great and my wife really likes the setup. I was a little bummed I couldn’t find a box to fit with the OEM rear rack extender installed, but...
  7. ATV New Members
    I can turn the handlebars and the tie rods move but the wheels don't move. The handle bars move about an inch either way. What causes this and how can i fix it?? thanks for your help.
  8. ATV New Members
    Post you home made toy haulers, im looking to make one and im trying to get a good idea of what i will need. Post what you used and how much it was it you would like to thanks
  9. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    Got bored a couple of weeks ago and decided to install some green LED lights under the fender wells (attached to the frame) on the four wheeler. Also ran a fuse between the switch and the positive terminal on battery. I originally started with just 2 pods but decided that wasn't enough so I...
  10. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    Was wondering if anyone has any LED accent lights installed on their ATV? I was looking at maybe some flexible LED strips to put up under the wheel wells. I've seen kits that just have the lights and say they hook directly up, and others say you need a resistor to regulate the current. I'm...
1-10 of 10 Results