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  1. Sportsman 570 tires/clutch kit

    Polaris Sportsman
    I recently bought 28x9x12 mega mayhems for my 570. Just curious if anyone else has put these tires on and have not got a clutch kit. Should I purchase a clutch kit before I take it out mudding with these new tires? I also got a 2” lift kit for it, would getting new axles be a good investment?
  2. What 3" lift ? 2015 Polaris sportsman

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2015 Polaris sportsman 850 sp with 28" ol2's and 14" no limits wheels looking to put a lift on it and just not sure on what the best lift is
  3. Lifting 6x6

    Polaris Sportsman
    Im new on here and would like your opinion on whether this will even work or not. i have a 06 6x6 sportsman and would like to put a 2 in lift on the front and 27s. My questions are; will a regular sportsman 500 lift fit and will this increase the pull on the front end? Thanks in advance
  4. 2011 Sportsman 550 Lift kit decision. Help?

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2011 sportsman 550 and I'm trying to decide on which lift to get. I already have rhino axles all the way around the bike. The high lifter signature series 3 inch lift is like $499 but requires new axle bars or gorilla axles. The catvos 3" 2.5" extended lift is $599 but the guy said that...
  5. polaris xp lift kit

    Polaris XP
    looking for a small lift kit for my 2010 polaris 550 xp. I can find the lift kit easily enough but im wondering if anyone has had problems with ruining cv shafts faster with a small lift like 2 or 3 inches
  6. Wanna run bigger tires on 08 Sportsman 500 H.O.

    ATV Brakes & Suspension
    I just bought this 2008 500 thats in really good condition. Still looks brand new. Anyways, it has the aluminum wheels with 26's on it and I would like to either run 27s or 28s but it looks a larger tire will scrub the tie rod and the hub/strut. What is the work around for this? Is there a kit...
  7. How much tire for the Lift??

    ATV New Members
    Just bought a 1997 Polaris xplorer 500. This is my first polaris. It has 25x10x12 on the rear and 25x8x12 on the front. I was wanting to upgrade to a 27" tire. Didn't know if anyone had any suggestions(lift kit? tires?), didnt know if I need to add a lift kit(if so what brand is quality) and any...