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  1. New LEDs all over!

    ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I just finished wiring up a new rigid 10" LED light bar onto my front bumper, along with adding blue Polaris made under glow from the new kits they have. I will be replacing the pod light with a rigid 6" LED as well this week! Pics to come.. Curious to see how everything holds up on the trail!
  2. Ricochet Off-Road is a Supporting Vendor!

    Ricochet Off-Road
    PolarisATVForums.com would like to welcome Ricochet Off-Road as our newest Supporting Vendor! Please take a moment to visit their website at the following URL: Ricochet Off-Road | Ricochet Off-Road Armor
  3. Questions - 2015 Sportsman 570

    Polaris Sportsman 570
    Hey all, new to the forum, longtime Polaris owner. I've read through a bunch of the threads on lighting but I have a few specific questions. I just bought, over the weekend, a 2015 Sportsman 570 EPS, and so far so good! I am having a hard time finding some of the accessories for it as it is...
  4. Light Bar Help

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hey guys first time poster here. Wondering if there was a specific led light bar you would recommend for a 2006 Sportsman 500 with a front brush guard. I've spent way too much time dealing with the awful customer service of KC and I've seen that you guys are much more useful. Let me know what...
  5. Mounting LED light bar?

    ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I just got in my 32" Cree LED Light Bar from sovranoauto.com This thing is super bright, I'm glad I bought it. I didn't have the kind of money to buy from Rigid so I went with something lower in price but it has awesome quality. Anyways I was wondering how is the best way to mount the LED light...
  6. Brush Guard Lights for X2 550

    Polaris Sportsman
    I want to put some fog lights on my front brush guard of my 2012 X2 550. Can anyone tell me some relatively inexpensive lights to buy and how to run the wires? diagrams or step by step would be appreciated. Ive heard something about not using high wattage because it drains the battery. Can...
  7. Hi Everyone! Vision X or Rigid industries

    ATV New Members
    Hi Everyone, Ok I did it I joined the forums(about time)! What do you like better for lighting and why? Vision X or Rigid Industries