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magnum 325
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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a magnum 325. It has been smoking and it has been hot recently. I thought we needed to put more coolant in. We have never refilled it. I have been looking and I can’t find the coolant. Do you know where it is?
  2. ATV Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a rear gearcase / differential for our Magnum 325 The part numbers for the rear differential are: Old# 1341309 / New# 1341321 No longer available from Polaris. Looking for NOS or gently used in good condition. Thank you, Tim at Piston Society in Cincinnati Ohio.
  3. ATV General Discussion
    My Magnum doesn’t have the top end speed I would like to have. I’d like to have a bit more. I bought a new carb and air filter to help with fuel and air delivery. Carb had a issue anyway and it would let my four wheeler idle. It runs a lot smoother now. But I don’t like going riding and watching...
  4. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    My 2002 Polaris Magnum 325 has a starter issue. I recently had a no spark problem. And I have found a way around that. I unplugged a connection that came from the cdi box that went to the starting switch. That solved my no spark problem. But after doing that. My starter will stay engaged unless...
  5. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I’ve recently gotten ahold of a Polaris Magnum 325. It need some minor repair. So what I have replaced is the starter, the starter relay. I bought those because they looked like in a poor condition. The relay had a bit of grime and some small rust on it. it. I also cleaned the gas lines to the...
  6. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have an '03 Magnum 330 and the CDI box burned up, which I now know is a common issue with this CDI box. Problem is they are not cheap, $250. A '02 Magnum 325 CDI box is the same physical size, has the same connection and is 200 bucks cheaper ... but is a different part number. Can the 325...
  7. ATV General Discussion
    Before my grandpa passed away he gave me his Magnum 325 with the plow. Ive never seen the plow on the atv so im not sure its right. Sadly its time for winter so I have to get it mounted. He gave me the winch he bought for it so I have to connect that to. The bottom arm that goes under the ATV...
1-7 of 7 Results