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  1. Polaris Sportsman
    The Polaris® Sportsman® 850 SP is available as a Slip-On exhaust system in the Titan-QS and Titan-XL Series. Each exhaust series picked 2 horse power with 1.5 lb/ft torque. The quieter Titan-QS exhaust series is 1dB louder than stock at idle, and 5dB louder at Half-Max RPM. The louder...
  2. ATV Parts for Sale
    I purchased this and installed it before really driving the bike. I traveled north to MI for 2016 Whitetail season but found this to be too loud. It has a total of 96 miles on it, never saw mud or water (a little rain as it rained on my one day while out hunting). Purchased it from GSE, the...
1-2 of 3 Results