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  1. 03 Predator 500 Nerfbars/Filter Question

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello all I am new to the forums after just picking up a 2003 Predator 500. I am new to riding quads as I've been on bikes pretty much my whole life. The thing runs awesome I am very pleased with the purchase. I currently am running the stock exhaust with the spark arrestor OUT and a stock...
  2. nerfbars & racks

    Polaris Outlaw
    one day when i get an outlaw :yahoocool: i want to buy these for it http://prm-atv.com/MN.asp?pg=products&specific=1410&from=109 http://prm-atv.com/MN.asp?pg=products&specific=1540&from=109 do you know if they will fit the 09 and newer? :thinking: i know it says 2006-2008... thanks.