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newbie help

  1. Simplify a 98 Trail Boss 250

    ATV New Members
    So. I bought a 98 trail boss, a 95 350 4x4, and a 2002 sportsman 90. $300 I couldent pass it up. They have been siting for a couple years. I was wondering if anybody had simplified these atvs? I’m planning on installing a simple wire harness, still debating on having a battery or not. Not...
  2. Predator 500 Newbie Rebuild

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys. Im new here to the forum and was hoping to gain some incite and helpful information from here. I recently picked up an 03 pred 500 that a guy had ordered all the part to redo the top end and never put it back together. Ive got a service manual and am planning to put it back together...
  3. 2014 Sportsman 400

    ATV New Members
    Hi all. Glad to be a member. I am very excited having this machine. I only have about 13 hrs on it. I noticed that my oil level rose slightly. I smelled the oil, and I think I can smell gas, but not sure. The quad runs great. The idle seems to be a bit too high. How can I tell if there...
  4. New member from Wyoming. Starting issuses

    ATV New Members
    I bought a 1997 Sportsman 500 with only 1300 miles from my in-laws. Its always ran great but, then one day I went out to change the oil and there was no spark. After months of trying to figure it out I sent it to a repair shop because my next step was throwing parts at it. After them working on...
  5. Need help on 1997 polaris sportsman 500 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    My four wheeler is in pretty rough condition but I got it for free and would like to bring it to its former glory main problem I can't see comes form the front part that ingrates the 4 wheel drive and those drive shaft looking things are wore down and need to be replaced or the joints just need...