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oil burning

  1. 2020 Sportsman 570 Utility blown engine (oil consumption)

    ATV New Members
    Hey all, First time Polaris owner here. Just picked up a new 2020 Sportsman 570 Utility in the Titanium color. It's a great machine. We had some fun times up until this past weekend where the engine decided to burn all of its oil in roughly 50 miles (4 hours) of trail riding. Fortunately I...
  2. new to forum but not to machines. have a couple questions..

    ATV New Members
    Hello, ive recently picked up an 04 predator that needed a little work. head was off, needed a valve job which i had done by a local shop. i put it back together as per specs, seeing no other issues with the top end jug was smooth and such. it runs very well but once its warmed up it began to...
  3. 2006 outlaw...... TROUBLE

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    so i recently bought a 2006 outlaw 500 and love it, did a oil change about 2 weeks ago using 10w40 lucas semi synthetic........ started it for the 2nd time in two weeks today and noticed when i rev it up itll smoke. Did some research and found out its diffrent then anything ive ever had and it...
  4. 2010 850 XP - Oil Burning Issues

    Polaris XP
    Ok..Im starting to worry...A few weeks back I posted that I had a A-Arm break on me without warning..Had to have it welded up by a guy on one of the Hatfield-Mccoys trails so i was unable to take it back to dealer for repair(long story). After driving it the rest of the weekend, I brought it...