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  1. Out the Door Price ?

    ATV Purchasing and Price
    I'd be curious as to what folks end up paying out the door for new machines. I am probably going to pick up a 550 EFI this week. I have been frustrated by dealers never giving a straight answer on what the out-the-door price is. I am in michigan with 6% sales tax. It seems like they bury more...
  2. New from MICHIGAN and getting a new Sportsman 500 H.O.

    ATV New Members
    Hello all, New member from Michigan. My buddy and I are in the process of buying 2 new Sportsman 500 H.O.s... We were back and forth on the 400 vs. 500 thing. The dealers here in S.E. MI we pretty close to MSRP on their prices. My lieutenant from work recommended a dealership down in Ohio...