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outlaw 110
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  1. Polaris Outlaw
    Hello all, I have read through all the threads I could find in relation to my issue, and have not found anything. Currently I have a 2016 Outlaw 110, with no spark. battery is great, it turns over, just is not generating a spark. the plug looks good, but i'd like some pointers on the best way...
  2. Polaris Outlaw
    Just bought a 2017 Outlaw 110, next to new (the bike maybe had 10 hrs on it) for an 85-90lb rider. It's his second bike (first was a Chinese 90cc which was great in the yard, complete failure in the woods). Bought this because it hauled me (180 lbs) around the trails, no matter how steep the...
  3. Polaris Outlaw
    Hey -- I was wondering if one of you could give me some advice on my son's Outlaw 110. In back they have this little cage like think under the chain and rear break, ostensibly to protect them from rocks and such. The thing drastically reduces ground clearance -- without it ground clearance could...
1-3 of 3 Results