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    Whats up folks, new to posting but been hanging around forum awhile. So i have on the way M12 diesels, -47 backspacing, i know thats wide but i love the look. Im set on 28" OL2's (whenever someone gets them in stock) my dilema is i dont know if i want all wides, s/w, or skinnies? Im really...
  2. ATV Wheels & Tires
    Have A 2012 sportsman 800 and wanted to put my 28x12x12 outlaws on it from my other machine. If I put 1.5 inch spacers on it will it be ok or will it not work? Don't want to go through the headache of switching them to find out it want work. Thought maybe someone has already tried it and could...
1-2 of 2 Results