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  1. ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    I am going to re paint all of the blue plastics on my 2014 sportsman 400 H.O. and was wondering if anyone knew any articles or videos explaining how to do so. I dont want to break anything along the way.
  2. Polaris Scrambler XP
    2013 850 le. The paint along the edge of the rear fender closest to the top of the tires is peeling off. Its just the shiny clear coat and its doing it on both sides. Its not from hitting anything either. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Polaris Sportsman
    So I wasn't sure whether I am allowed to post a thread about multiple topics, but they all have to do with modifications or fabrications of the sportsman 90 model listed in the topic. I have a few ideas with my shop teacher and buds on things to do to the 90. I hope you guys will join the...
1-3 of 3 Results