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  1. Sexiest quad is back and revamped! Come look :)

    Polaris Sportsman
    New Pics!!! Not the greatest shots, but it's all I've got for now and I'm too excited to not share :) Upgrades include the following: --30in Gorilla Silverback --14in SS212 Black Wheels --Gorilla Axles --3in Gorilla Lift Kit --Front and Rear Bumpers --Winch (going on tonight) --Radiator Lift...
  2. Review : Polaris ATV Cover w/ pics

    Polaris Sportsman
    For valentines day i got a Polaris ATV Cover for my X2. @ $169.99CDN it is not something i would have bought myself. But now that i have it , I love it. Website description: Protect your Sportsman X2 with this Trailerable Cover. This durable, rugged black cover fits snugly over the ATV to...
  3. 97 Polaris Sport 400 Pictures and Problems

    ATV General Discussion
    Putting it back together after installing a new head gasket All together after my first ride with my new head gasket (sorry for the blurry pic) After playing in a little mud This seemed much higher in person than it looks in this picture Ok now that I have the pics out of the way let...
  4. Predator Pics, What you thinking about?

    ATV Media
    Here is a few pics of my Predator 2003 with a couple of mods , like wheels spacers (3''rear and just turned the front rims for more stance) , K&n air filter, jt sprockets and d.i.d chain, motorsport nerfbars and a few other mods. Let me know what you think about and what you think can be cool to...
  5. 850xp

    ATV General Discussion
    Got a new 2010 850xp on Tuesday and am looking for new tires and a plow. I got my viper max 4000# winch today. What plows will work with this setup? Also would like to see some different tires mounted on the 850xp with no lift. Thanks for all replies.