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  1. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So I baught this wheeler and never been able to figure out why the 4x4 is only engaging on left side but only in low gear. The right side simply doesn’t work at all it seems to me there might be a couple things wrong. I have put new bearings and seals in both hubs, new hub oil, and the washers...
  2. ATV New Members
    I just bought a 95 trailblazer and it didn’t come with a recoil does anyone know the size of the bolts for the recoil id like the get the bolts from my local fastenal Instead the online
  3. Polaris Scrambler
    Hello all, new to this forum hopefully I can find some help because I'm running out of steam. I took a 95 scrambler 400 on trade and cant get the thing to run. I did all the usual things carb clean new gas fuel filter etc. Then realized I had no spark, found a broken ign. Coil and bad cdi so...
  4. ATV Purchasing and Price
    What typically goes wrong in these atvs. I a trading a 1996 Suzuki rm125 and 200 bucks for one in excellent condition and 3600 miles. Good deal?
  5. ATV General Discussion
    I am wondering how to run the vin# for a 1995 Polaris 300 4X4. The vin for this year model is only 7 numbers. All newer vins are 17 numbers so when I type it in online it tells me that it is invalid. Did this particular year even have a title for it and is there any way that I can run the vin#?
1-5 of 5 Results