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polaris outlaw 525 irs

  1. Polaris Outlaw
    Does anyone have a service manual for a 07 polaris outlaw 525 irs? I've looked everywhere and can only find the 09 service manual. This is my first polaris I've owned and I just got it a couple days ago and I want to look over it real good and check the valves cause its got a small tick. Thanks...
  2. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Do anyone have the 07 polaris outlaw 525 irs service manual for it. U just picked it up yesterday and have never owned a polaris before.i have looked everywhere with no look all comes up is the 2009 model. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Thanks and God bless
  3. ATV New Members
    Good afternoon, have a question. Recently purchased an outlaw 525 irs, the inner cv has torn and im getting a clicking sound inseide the joint. I'm assuming sand and what not got in there. Do I need to replace the inner cv joint? I will replace the boot however is the inner bad due to debris...