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  1. Predator won’t crank!

    Polaris Predator
    Hello. I recently purchased a polaris predator 500. The day after bringing it home I went to start it and it wouldn’t start and would barely crank. The next day it no longer cranked at all. It will bump start/pop start, but will not crank at all from the electric start. Installed a new battery...
  2. MN Rider, New to Polaris Predator

    ATV New Members
    Hello everyone, I've been riding ATV's and dirt bikes off and on since I was 16, but usually just on a friends or families machines. I'm 31 now. Last summer I finally bought my own. I went all out and spent $500 on a 1986 Honda TRX200SX. It's a fun little ATV but it didn't take me long to...
  3. My 2006 Polaris predator 500 TLD Wont get spark.

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi I just bought a Polaris predator from a friend of my brothers about a week ago. On the first day of having it it ran good and no problems until that night. I was at my friends house and I was showing him how it sounded. Then all of a sudden the quad died on me. I wasnt worried about it so I...
  4. What to do with totaled TL SPE 2005?

    Polaris Predator
    Three full weeks after getting my son a 2005 Predator Troy Lee SE he ran into a tree. At first the damaged appeared to be just A-Arms and Plastics. After ordering some replacements we started taking it apart and noticed the frame is FUBAR. From about the oil filter forward the entire frame is...