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    2019 Polaris sportsman 850 sp
  2. 2019 polaris sportsman 850 sp not shifting

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    The other day I was riding my 2019 polaris sportsman 850 sp and approached the first hill that I used the active decent control button on. I stopped the machine, pushed the button over to engage the active decent control and proceeded down the hill. The machine held me at 5mph down half of the...
  3. Camp rzr 2016 jericho state park nh

    ATV Media
    My job sent me to Camp RZR...I have never seen an event like this....https://youtu.be/IXTexOXLA3Q I wish I got into this sport at an earlier age...but I guess 42 is the new 25.��
  4. Polaris 570 EPS Exhaust

    ATV Performance Modifications
    hi to all, My new polaris sportsman 570 need a first exhaust and i was looking for this the big gun evo full kit : https://www.amazon.com/Big-Gun-Sport-Utility-System/dp/B00SJU95Q8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473233249&sr=8-1&keywords=BIG+GUN+12-7533 and GPR Racing deeptone inox ...
  5. 2015 Polaris XP 1000 Sportsman

    ATV New Members
    Has anyone experienced a loud clunking noise from transmission when running the 2015 Polaris XP 1000 Sportsman at low speed? Recently had serviced, Polaris tried new transmission, clutch, belt and other drive parts and could not correct. Polaris Factory stated noise is normal for the XP 1000. My...
  6. 2003 polaris 600cc twin exhaust pops when shutting off

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So i found out yesterday when i got my fourwheeler not wanting to overheat i shut it off after like 2 hours of riding and it popped really loud like out of the exhaust then today it kinda made a little pop im wondering is this a bad thing? like it will have to be fixed asap? or what could this be?
  7. 2003 600cc sportsman overheats

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I got this atv on 6-10-15 used replaced spark plugs had tk fix the carb it leaked gas now it runs good but one problem i had the fan start up in the morning while it was starting up then it ran for 3 seconds the fan shut off didnt think anything of it went riding for about a hour the temp...
  8. 1998 Polaris sportsman 500 carb?

    Polaris Sportsman
    Hi there looking for some opinions here. I have a 98 sportsman 500 I think I'm having carb issues. I rebuilt top end 3 months ago and ran good through break in it smelt like it was on the rich side. I just recently put new jets and new needle and seat in because after it warms up the low end...
  9. 450 sportsman electrical problems

    ATV General Discussion
    I really need someones help here I'm desperate my 2006 450 sportsman is acting up on me... she starts fine with the electric start but once i try to move her (forward or in reverse) the dash starts flashing and the flashing battery icon appears then after its been on for anywhere from 30 seconds...
  10. Sportsman keeps shutting off in cold weather

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a 2013 Polaris 400 Sportsman. When it get's cold, it's hard to keep it running. When I am on the throttle, no problem, but sporadically it will shut off when just idling. Now I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and the climate is relatively warm but we do have some cold nights. Last year it did...
  11. Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

    Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

  12. Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

    Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

  13. Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

    Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

  14. Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

    Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

  15. Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

    Sportsman 400 H.O and 800

  16. Oil seal and mechanical seal questions 08 sportsman HELP

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So I am using the sticky post about the seal job off the site and during the process I got to the impeller , removed it and got to the seal around the spring . I put two pics and tries to pull spring like it said and the seal and spring came but I punctured the spring. My parts are on the way so...
  17. The Beasts

    The Beasts

    The group riding in Miami, Fl
  18. '09 Polaris Sportsman 550 in NE Flordia

    ATVs For Sale
    '09 Polaris Sportsman, 4x4 great condition, front and rear bumpers and rack extentions, power wench, good tires, trailer hitch. 239 miles. $5,400.00 386-325-2023
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    My Rear winch
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    My '99 Sportsman at Flat Nasty Off road