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  1. Polaris Winch cable replacement DIY

    ATV General Discussion
    Just a quick comment on replacing the cable on a Polaris Winch. I replaced my cable on my 2010 850 XP Sportsman this weekend. I made a replacement cable (50' of 3/16") at Lowes using their swagging tool and an aluminum swag and curved cable guide. Removing the old cable was fairly easy on...
  2. Polaris HD 3500 Winch Problem

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    So I bought the bike, the winch, the 66" Poly Glacier plow, front and rear bumpers, and A-Arm guards front and rear. I had to use the plow today to clear my driveway. After about 45 min of use it started slowing down and finally stopped and won't reel in and won't electronically backfeed. I'd...