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  1. 2013 Polaris sportsman 400 check codes

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I'm trying to figure out how to check the codes on a 2013 Polaris sportsman 400. I have it in my shed just trying to repair it and bring it back to normal and I'm trying to figure out how to do the codes to make sure I have it all. It runs, it drives. I just wanted to see if it had any.
  2. Vinyl wrapping predator 500

    ATV Visual & Body Modifications
    Need some help I got some vivid carbon fiber vinyl wrap both red and black I’m having a hell of a time with the contours and any kind of edge just bunches up and gotta heat it up to get the memory out is it the certain vinyl too thick it is kinda thick the front almost turned out perfect but...
  3. 06 Pred 500 hard start

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Recently pulled the motor due to some worn out rings,valves and a starter clutch so re ringed installed new intake valves they were toast installed shims and believed to have all the specs around the ball park but may be wrong due to my issue so put it all back together installed on the bike if...
  4. Polaris 850 clicking under power

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    My 2016 Polaris Scrambler 850 with a thousand miles on it of light use has started to make a clicking or popping or a ratcheting sound under torsion loads or just under acceleration and not always heavy acceleration.. sometimes when suspension is released. I feel like it's the transmission chain...
  5. Polaris XP550 2009, no spark

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi, This seems to be quite common fail code and many of us have found solution but..could you please help me with this.. My Polaris X5P550 2009 (without ESP) is not starting anymore. Not sure if it has anything to do with this but only problems that I have been earlier suffering has been some...
  6. What fenders are interchangeable with a trail boss 325?

    ATV General Discussion
    I have a 2001 Polaris trail boss 325 that I have personally went through and completely re done and I’m very happy with the way it runs but I personally would like a more sporty look I know scramblers and Trail Blazers use the same frame if the right generation but are the plastics (front and...
  7. Spark and fuel but no boom... weird

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me out with this. New to the Polaris world and I bought this outlaw 525 irs off a friend who goes through bikes like a rock star through groupies but he only had this one for a ride or 2 till the rear sprocket basically came off the hub shredding the hell outta...
  8. Suspicious Noise

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I bougth my new polaris sportsman 2018 570 sp efi and sometimes when i am passing a bump or a small pit there is a noise from the front under like two metals hitting each other like a “tak” noise does anyone have any idea what it can be? Thank you for your help! 🙂
  9. How do I know if oil injection on my 2000 scrambler 400 2 stroke

    Polaris Scrambler
    I just got my Dad's 2000 scrambler 400 2 stroke running but I'd like to make sure the oil injection is working. I don't see any oil lines running to the cylinder or the carb. I saw that if you mix your first gas tank with oil and mark the level on the oil tank and if it goes down then obviously...
  10. Polaris sportsman 850 clutch weights

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello guys,i’m asking if a 24-60G or 24-56G will work properly with no issues on my sportsman 850 touring 2010 and how will affect the riding.The stock ones mounted are 24-63G.Thank you
  11. Intermittent Reverse Issues

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello everyone. I have an intermittent issue that I haven't found anyone describing. I bought a 2005 Polaris ATP 500 a few months back. a handful of times so far I have shifted into reverse and the engine revs up and just as the machine is about to start moving, the motor throttles down. It...
  12. Starter wont turn over..sounds fast

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have an 04 sportsman 500 that I've replaced the battery, starter solenoid, pick-up coil rectifier, and ignition coil. I just replaced the ignition coil hooked the battery up and it still wont turn over, however it sound like the starter is working faster than normal trying to turn over...any...
  13. 06 polaris predator 500 high idle after throttle press

    ATV General Discussion
    Need some help, when i start my atv i press the throttle and it revs high for like 5 - 10 seconds after letting off the throttle, also even after its warmed up it will die on me randomly, i tried adjusting the idle screw but that didnt help.
  14. Advice on first wheeler? Would be much appreciated! '96 Xplorer

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello! I just bought a Polaris Xplorer 300 with the 2 stroke engine for my first toy. The wheeler's actually in decent condition and starts on first try. I'm just not altogether sure what to check on in terms of fluids, carb, belt, chain and things like that after getting an ATV like this. I'd...
  15. 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 speedo hdlbr?

    ATV General Discussion
    Hello, my speedo stays on whenever I shut the key off, even when I shut off the handlebar switch. The screen with the key on is perfectly normal, if I turn off the key it says hdlbr and stays on. Please Help.. Thanks in advance.
  16. Sportsman 800 Tire Upgrade

    Polaris Sportsman
    I have a 2008 Sportsman 800. Currently I'm running 12inch rims, 26x8 on the front, 26x11 on the rear. I want to upgrade to 27x9 on the front, and 27x12 on the rears. I'll be throwing on 1 inch spacers as well Do I need to upgrade the clutch and drive belt or will the stock setup handle the...
  17. 2016 850 high lifter wont start please help!

    Polaris Highlifter
    Hi guys so I have put a big gun slip on exhaust and it ran ok but I thought with the big gun programmer it would be better. So I installed it tried to start the machine it would not start. I pulled plugs and it only received a spark or two then flat nothing. I replaced plugs and just put a new...
  18. I know I may sound dumb but where does the foot brake line hook up on a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700?

    ATV General Discussion
    The brakes have been out for a bit on this bike (2002 Sportsman 700) and I just got the last line I need. The foot brake line was cut so I got a new one and I cannot seem to find where it hooks up to. I think it might be on the rear caliper but I can’t find where at, a video or diagram would be...
  19. 2010 500HO clutch kit questions?!

    ATV Performance Modifications
    I have a 2010 sporty 500HO that I’m getting ready to put some 27 inch Quadboss QBT672 tires on (27-9-12 fronts and 27-11-12 rears). My question is what would be a good clutch kit to not have a power loss? Was thinking RVS performance. I use my quad for trails, hunting, light to moderate mudding...
  20. 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 Starter Rattling Noise

    ATV General Discussion
    When I go to start my Sportsman it will make a rattle noise in the starter.. I took off the flywheel cover and I noticed the Starter Bendix/Gear Reduction was loose, but everything looks good. The washer on the Gear Reduction is good. Please help.. Thanks in advance.