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predator 500 wont start

  1. 04 Predator 500 want start

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    sent head and valves to shop to have the put in spec. Got head back installed along with getting timing correct. Checked for spark and spark is present . Also cleaned carb and filled with fresh fuel. Go to start it and want start just backfires. Any help I will appreciate
  2. HELP ASAP plz! 05 Predator 500 cranks but will NOT start

    Polaris Predator
    Just got a 2005 Predator 500 last week. So here's the deal. It was bought 7 years ago from an auction. The guy never touched it just sat in his climate control garage. It looks brand new. It hsd some wires cut which I rewired. It is missing the pouch with the inline fuse near the solinoid. But...