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  1. Polaris Trail Boss
    I'm am at the point of selling my 2013 polaris trailboss 330 due to the fact of the rear axle and housing becomes lose.The whole rear axle shakes to the point the chain will fall off no matter how tight the chain is adjust.Ive had the rear axle housing replaced three times and bearing redone...
  2. Polaris Sportsman
    Hey guys. I need to replace my inner rear cv joint and am wondering how to get the joint itself off the shaft. there doesn't seem to be a circlip holding it on, but some sort of spring clip that may lock into place when pressed on. It is a 2013 Sportsman 500. Thanks for any help.
  3. Polaris Predator
    Hi Does anyone know where i can get a wider rear axle so i don't have to use spacers. Thanks
  4. ATV New Members
    Hi, I'm new! I joined with the hopes of finding help. I have a 2001 Expedition 325 4 X 4 and I am pretty sure I damaged the rear axle last time I was in the bush. I am pretty sure that I need to remove it but before I start ripping and tearing on it, I would like to know: 1. If anyone has...
  5. ATV General Discussion
    My 99 Scrambler needs a new axle what years and models will interchange with mine??? It's 4x4 that is axle driven not chain and it's the 400
  6. ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I am fixing my buddies 2006 Sportsman 500 HO that is clicking in the transmission. His front drive shaft stripped out, so he removed it. When he drove the quad without the shaft it would click when turning left or backing up. I have removed the transmission and found both rear drive shafts...
  7. Polaris Sportsman
    Hey guys, I've been wrenching on the trans tonight. Got the thing out and on the floor. This machine has the older U-joint style rear axles, I can get the nut on the left rear to come out, but not the right. It seems that the axles are somehow connected inside. IE... If I loosen the right rear...
1-7 of 7 Results