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  1. Cleaning a Flywheel

    ATV General Discussion
    Hey guys, im working on a 2004 Polaris sportsman 500 HO Ive torn the engine apart after sitting for a few years, my flywheel has some heavy surface rust and I was thinking of giving it a vinegar bath to clean off the rust but I'm worried this will fuck up the magnets. Any tips?
  2. Lost 4th gear - engine rebuild

    Polaris Predator
    Hi guys. New here and Polaris driver for 2 years now. Bought a used Predator 500 from 1st owner, 2005 with first tires on it. Driven for 2 years - approx. 200h and 15-20 oil changes - flawlessly. Approx. 2 weeks ago while shifting to 4th lost the gear, a little rattling for few seconds in that...
  3. Scrambler 1k Rear Diff Backlash

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I had to order a new pinion and replace all the bearings in my 2014 Scrambler 1k rear differential. I also ordered a new shim which came in a package of about 10 -12 of them with different thickness. How do you adjust backlash on these considering you have to seal the case? I put the factory...
  4. Newbie with a Scrambler

    ATV New Members
    Hello everyone, First of all thank you all for sharing your knowledge on this forum. I have acquired an 02 scrambler 90 to get running for my little girl. Started out with no spark, and has progressed to a top end rebuild, much thanks to this forum. I am in need of a service manual for this...
  5. Master Cylindar Rebuild

    ATV General Discussion
    Good Morning! I recently inherited a 1995 Polaris Magnum 425 4x4 that is in fair condition. I have gotten it running and installed new brake pads. I bought a master cylindar rebuild kit and am beginning this adventure. My question is how do i get the piston out to replace the seals on the...
  6. Predator 500 Newbie Rebuild

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys. Im new here to the forum and was hoping to gain some incite and helpful information from here. I recently picked up an 03 pred 500 that a guy had ordered all the part to redo the top end and never put it back together. Ive got a service manual and am planning to put it back together...
  7. 1995 Polaris Magnum Vintage Frame up Rebuild

    1995 Polaris Magnum Vintage Frame up Rebuild

    This was a project I worked on for about 3 months. I bought this ATV for $475. It ran, and that was about it. I took it home and tore it down to the frame and started ordering parts. I repainted everything from frame up, and rebuilt/replaced anything everything that looked like it needed replaced. I
  8. Can I rebuild my shocks?

    Polaris XP
    so i noticed the other day the my 2011 850 xp was sitting low on the front right corner. when i put a level across the fron rack, it showed that its sitting about 3/4" to 1" lower on the right side. I checked to make sure i had all of my springs at the same setting (turned all the way down to...
  9. Broken 2 stroke 2000 Xplorer 250

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hello all, I'm new and wish I could offer advice, but alas I need help instead. If you need help with guitars I can help though. My 2000 Xplorer 250 was feeling very sluggish one day and I didn't think it was going to get me out of the woods, and it didn't. While hurrying home with it, it...
  10. Rebuilding 96 scrambler 400 2-stroke 4x4

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hey guys I'm new to the site after surfing it for a while to help with learning about 2-stroke engines. I recently got a 1996 scrambler 400 2-stroke 4x4 for free that has been sitting outside for about 4 years, so you can imagine how gunked and dirty everything is. I got it running pretty good...
  11. new engine (Predator or outlaw)

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I am looking at buying a new or newer used engine for my predator that blew.. the main part is the connector rod and the crank but i don't know if i can just get a crank splitting kit and put a new crank in and not buy a new one if that would save me some money but the point being is if i were...
  12. 2001 Sportsman 400, Fuel Pump Repair, Engine Dies, Fuel Issues

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    As many others have reported, I had similar problems with the engine randomly dying due to fuel related problems. Most of the time, the engine would start, idle and run without incident. Then, while riding, without warning, the engine would die. I used a shot of ether ("Engine Starting Fluid")...
  13. gas in the crankcase

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I dont know whats happening to my polaris hawkeye. My crankcase is gettong gas in it everytime i run it, i think it wpuld possibly have a pcv valve ? Has anyone ever had this prob and how did you fix it?
  14. Rebuild 2007 Sportsman X2

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Hi there, new to forum and looking for a little help. I bought a theft recovery 07 Sportsman 500 X2 Want to try and fix it but don't want to go crazy with parts before I know it's worth it. Motor missing throttle body, starter, recoil, sure power modual and speedometer cluster. I've bought...
  15. 2008 800 Sportsman Top end?

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I have a sportsman and love it! Plowing over the weekend and noticed antifreeze in exhaust! A lot of things going through my head. Didnt do compression test yet. I guess worse case is need to rebuild top end. If so where would you get the parts and what"upgrades" would you make?
  16. Trailblazer 250 Top Rebuild - Opinions Please

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    1st time in one myself, it has been into before (i think (blue atv at gaskets)). Questions: 1. Does the piston look ok or should I change it. 2. I thought I was going to find a badly burned piston - what I found was the upper and lower bolts were not tight at all. I think the banging I was...
  17. Rebuilding a CV Axle (With Photos)

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    I had a torn boot on a rear CV axle on my Wife's 2007. The joint was clicking so I ordered up a new axle and swapped them out. I decided to rebuild the axle just to throw on the parts shelf for a spare in case I have trouble in the future. I see a lot of questions on here about cv axles, so...
  18. Rear brake caliper rebuild kit

    ATV Brakes & Suspension
    Wondering if there is a rear brake caliper rebuild kit for a 2004 Sportsman 400. any reply will help thanks.
  19. 06 sportsman 500 carb

    ATV Repair and Maintenance
    Im having trouble with my machine bogging down and dying when I give it any throttle. It will idle fine, and will run on about half choke if you give it gas. I have already checked and cleaned the fuel lines and fuel pump, put in fresh gas, and cleaned most of the carb. ( couldnt get the main...
  20. 2006 Polaris Outlaw 500 problem, help appreciated

    Polaris Outlaw
    I was rebuilding the top end of my outlaw 500 so of course i had to do the timing. I got the timing right with the gold links and dots on the cams, but i had to take off some kind of drive gear that was infront of the bottom timing gear and right next to the clutch to get to it. So then i put...